19 Google Page One Positions In Just 7 Weeks – SEO Marketing

19 Google Page One Positions In Just 7 Weeks – SEO Marketing

Howzit Media Marketing – SEO Marketing – The story behind our rise to Page #1 on Google.

The SEO Marketing Challenge

Howzit Media started out as a creative advertising and branding agency focusing on specific services and a market based in Fort Lauderdale. Over time we have adapted and evolved our business model to suit a wider market, one that requires innovative, creative and unique tools to capture a diverse audience. Even with a foothold in the creative industry it was still a struggle to get the leads and enquiries that we knew page one would bring us. We had to adapt, and gain the knowledge and expertise in the best practice techniques of SEO, learning how they benefit a campaign in todays economy and online based consumer markets.

The SEO Marketing Solution

The solution was embracing our need to adapt in order to give our clients the best all round service possible, especially for their online marketing needs. We decided to build up and equip our “tool shed” as we like to call it, with tools like SEO Consulting and Implementation. We needed to offer our clients said tools in addition to our creative services when it came to marketing their brand. Being firm believers in the philosophy “If you don’t know, embrace the knowledge of someone who does know” we went in search of a partner, specifically one that could help us and our clients attain the search engine presence that is required when marketing a brand to the online consumer.

The Results Of Great SEO And Marketing

We found our match when we partnered with a Specialist SEO Consulting Company (Organic and White Hat SEO only) you could call it creative marketing kizmit! The results have been amazing for us and our clients. From striving to get a high result on our name alone, we are now sitting on page one for Broward County and Ft Lauderdale with over 19 Google page one results, these are for relevant terms like “Branding Agency Broward County“, Organic SEO Consultants for Broward” or even “Organic SEO Consultants Ft Lauderdale“. We are moving quickly through the ranks for terms like “Marketing Agency Ft Lauderdale” and have another 20 terms bubbling just under page one. Many more have broken through into the top 50 and top 100 positions, all in just 7 weeks! It has been a lot of hard work, but very rewarding. We are now in a position to say with confidence to each client, “If we can do it for ourselves, we can do it for you.”

SEO Consulting and the SEO Techniques are not rocket science, but there is an exact science behind using them effectively in marketing a brand or product. When used correctly they can give you amazing results on the search engines. How did we get to the position we are now? Great analysis of our current standing, a strategy and the implementation roll out plan based on our seo research, and with all of this, we have seen amazing results.

The Future | SEO And Marketing With Howzit Media

We are constantly involved in that “never ending struggle” for that illustrious and oh so illusive page one status, but it’s what we do, and part of the services that we offer our clients to promote their brand for a better return on their investment. We have the best people for the job and our marketing team works closely with each client to cater to their needs, we all succeed when we work together. The South Florida market is diverse and we constantly need to evolve to better suit our clients needs. The future is bright and it is our goal every day to break those creative design and marketing boundaries, building brands and captivating that target market.


If you would like to chat to us about achieving the same results for your website, contact us today and tell us about your company and your marketing needs.




Offsite SEO Techniques – Local Directory Services

Offsite SEO Techniques – Local Directory Services

Businesses and customers are still searching local.

In a previous article about SEO techniques we mentioned one of the “Offsite” elements, that being Local Directories. “Local” Directory Services are still used extensively by people or businesses when searching, so it is prudent to take every opportunity and get relevant quality back links to your sites and listings. This is crucial for these directory services in order to appear in the Search Engine Result Pages (serps), however we must add that one should not use any old directory service! We do our homework and investigate the pagerank or page authority of these directory services, we look for a minimum PR3 or page authority of 30 (the page ranking). Google penalized many of these directory services a few years ago and stripped them of their rankings as they came to be seen as nothing more than “Link Farms”.

Local Business Directories

Local business directories can be a valuable and often overlooked source of traffic and links. As Google continues to roll out  “Universal Search” results, one can see that they are becoming very regionalized.

One of the many benefits of submitting to local business directories includes:

Local Brand Recognition: Good brands tend to be well established, which is reflected in their Page Authority or Page Rank. They are not usually targeted by optimizers, which helps to create a unique profile and increase recognition amongst a growing customer base. It is important to establish your brand in the local market and build trust with the businesses (in your targeted directory) and consumers that support you.


  • Tip: Some listings are free of charge and you’ll also benefit from local human traffic. Submit to and take advantage of these free listings increasing your ROI and benefiting your budget.


Google is once again the logical starting point when we go hunting for local directories, we take our time and are thorough. It is key to start really local and then broaden the search circle to include local towns or cities and then the county. 


  • Tip: Remember always make notes (a log) of the dates of your submission as well as the URL to the listing. Keep all your data on a spreadsheet for ease of use.


We hope that you have found this article useful, but remember, we can do all of this for you and give you the time to manage your business. Give us a call today to find out more.


Howzit Media Marketing is a Creative Marketing Agency based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. We specialize in Marketing, Online Marketing, Branding, SEO and Social Media Consulting.

Online Content Marketing. Part #4 – Good Intentions

Online Content Marketing. Part #4 – Good Intentions

4. Good Intentions – Make your content work for you, not against you.

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