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Fort Lauderdale Organic and White Hat SEO Marketing Agency

As a Fort Lauderdale marketing agency, we also offer Organic SEO & White Hat SEO services and consulting to assist you with your website and online content.

There are marketing statistics available which have proven over time to show that 70 – 80% of users by and large, have been seen to ignore the paid ads section of their search results and focus on the natural or organic search results.

You are probably thinking, “What on earth are Organic Search Results? And what does Organic SEO mean?”. We hope in some small way that this article will help you understand why you need to undertake and ensure that you follow good organic SEO practices for your website and other online content, so that you can begin to engage with most of the 70-80% traffic that you may be currently missing out on.

Organic Search Engine Results or “serps”, are the search results generated by the Search Engines when someone types in a query, either a single keyword, short term or a longer phrase, multi word question format. The results that are returned are based on an algorithm that the search engine chooses to calculate your site relevancy, website authority and also it’s popularity. These are not the paid results for companies purchasing their position by participating in PPC or Pay Per Click campaigns. The natural or organic results are in no way influenced by the paid ads. Money in the form of paid adverts does not directly influence the organic search results.

Organic SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Requires the modification of a number of aspects on a website, this means both on-page and off-page changes made in order to help engage users more effectively, based on a target audience as well as increasing search engine results related to specific keywords and phrases. These keywords are indicative and relevant to what the target audience would search for, in order to locate what they are looking for.

The resulting order in which search engine result pages appear is determined by the algorithms of the chosen search engine and are based on many key factors, such as keyword or phrases density, keyword relevance, domain authority and page authority, brand popularity (popularity of the given word), overall web traffic and social signals from trending social media.

There many SEO consultants and agencies out there that will try to “creatively” cheat the system in order to manipulate what the search engines see and thereby hoping to influence search engine rankings. This is known as Black Hat SEO. Here at Howzit Media Marketing & Consulting, we use only the industries best practices,  and adhere to Google’s Webmaster Guidelines. In this manner we do not have to worry when Google for example does and algorithm change. This is generally known as White Hat SEO and we take pride in sticking to these honest methods and approach to Organic search engine optimization.

Some have no interest in the drama of the SEO industry, do not understand that there are no laws against Black Hat SEO or feel the need for search engine results too quickly… They resort to what they can with PPC and page one positioning. The truth is this, that after 20 years in the web related industry and seeing the comings and goings of companies and business’s on search engines, The focus of Black Hat SEO is on quick and almost effortless results, yet not painless! White Hat SEO and Organic SEO focuses on long term solid results that will last and generate more success long after you stop paying for your paid results.

Conducting Black Hat SEO can result in dropped or no discernible rankings once they catch on to your activity and can ultimately lead to being removed from Google’s index altogether. Your business would not like that!

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