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When We Work Together We Succeed Together

Use Howzit Media Marketing as your next Marketing company!
This is quite a bold statement you may say, but with our years of experience, the confidence in our creative team and the rate at which we can get you high up on Google search results, it is well worth considering us, and having an in depth chat about how we can assist you in marketing to the the greater Fort Lauderdale area and beyond.

Your Website and the value of SEO Consulting

The challenge for so many business’s today is having an online presence, it has become a vital part of practicing business in the 21st century. Some businesses are big, some small, but they are all competing with one another to get to that all elusive page one Google ranking.

You may well ask, well I have a website and it has been up for years, why are there no visitors? Why can no one find my website? The simple answer is that every single website that is above you in the rankings, is doing something you aren’t, or has something you don’t! This is where Howzit Media Marketing come in, whether it is on line or off line marketing, We are here to help.


There are so many different reasons why your website has, or could have the position that it does, it could be technical i.e. A problem with the site structure or the back links – not enough or a lack there-of. There could be insufficient content on your site, or it could be poor quality. Now don’t get offended when we say “poor quality” because to a viewer or prospective customer “poor quality” has no value to them, it does not peak their interest enough to take notice. We believe in delivering relevant content, creative visuals and functional SEO that captures the reader and their attention, bringing them back for more. This is key in the success of your website, a constant customer or viewer base with return traffic. In SEO consulting we believe it is important to explain to each of our clients the key aspects that drive the success of their website. We do the work and build a solid structure but we like our clients to know how the house is built.


We get results and we tell you how!

Howzit Media Marketing No secrets in SEO

The Howzit Media Marketing team has many years of working with clients around the world and building successful brands. Having extended our reach into South Florida, specifically Fort Lauderdale, we are ideally suited to give you world class service and results you want and need. Your brand is as important to us as it is to you, you may have heard that before, but we believe it and it shows in our clients results. Almost all of our clients who have SEO contracts with us, are ranking in one term or another on page one of Google and other search engines. There is a science and proven method behind what we do, and we explain this to you, how we go about improving your rankings to get you the best position possible and drive the traffic to your site.


Sticking to the budget

Our creative team are not there to bog you down with technical jargon, or confuse you with details that you have no time for. We use non technical language that will help you better understand how your business will benefit from our services. Our fee structure is clearly outlined and will enable you to choose what services you feel you can afford and at what rate you wish to progress. There is a reason we don’t publish our fees online, each clients needs are different and we work with your budget to produce the greatest results.


Give us a call today and lets get your business moving up the search engine rankings.