Generation “C” | Embracing YouTube as a search engine

Who are Generation “C” and why you should be interested in them?

When searching Google for “Who are Generation C” you will see the following answer:

“Gen C is a powerful new force in consumer culture. It’s a term we use to describe people who are passionate about about creation, curation, connection, and community. It’s not an age group; it’s an attitude and mindset defined by key characteristics.”


For those of you who have teenage kids will probably already know that certain questions they need to answer, a tutorial they need in order to learn a subject or a problem they need to solve can be found on YouTube. This is what we refer to as the “YouTube Generation” or Digital Natives, they find videos that are fun, engaging, informative and offer product and service reviews that are used as part of the sales process. A majority of this consumer base is under the age of 35, and form a very powerful online savvy consumer group that are empowered by technology and crave authentic content. Generation “C” is a target market that we need to pay attention to as they use YouTube as a search engine that can give them the results they need.

Why pay attention to Generation “C”?

The reason we need to pay attention to, and properly engage this particular generation is that with more and more sales being generated or transacted online, their purchasing power and influence cannot be underestimated or undervalued in any way. If your campaign does not include Generation “C” as one of the key demographics in your target market, you are not effectively reaching a large customer base that is highly influential and makes purposeful decisions.

Their spending power is phenomenal and they are “at home” or comfortable online, the internet is a part of their lives and using it to purchase and make decisions has become almost second nature. This is why your website and sales funnel process needs to be engaging and efficient to capture and retain these consumers.

They will part with their personal information if there is perceived value in the transaction, the Generation “C” consumer expects a high level of transparency when it comes to a service or product. Everything they require needs to be available to them from the website interface, whether it’s in front of their screen or on their mobile device.

Video as a means of Content Marketing

Generation “C” are using YouTube as a Search Engine to find relevant content.

We have discussed written content and it’s importance in previous articles, but it is also wise to include video marketing as part of your online content marketing strategy and consider YouTube as a search engine. We use video as a tool to engage with the customer and deliver a message, a voice for your brand or product. It is important to not only deliver relevant content but to also entertain the viewer and compel them to share it, growing your potential customer base. If there is enough interest in your video and its content it can reach a wider audience than any other advertising platform.


YouTube is a powerful means of discovering information and driving your brand to a target market. If your video is engaging, unique and useful they will embrace it and share it in their social circle. Generation “C” uses YouTube as an online voice to creatively express themselves and as an important source of entertainment and knowledge. If your content helps or entices them they are more likely to engage with your brand and deliver your content to a wider audience. The success of a video on YouTube depends on certain factors like, number of views; video title; video description and video ratings, these all determine the size of the audience you can reach and the higher the rankings you receive. When used properly a YouTube channel and its content can be a highly effective marketing tool, we constantly use it to build and market our clients brands.



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