Looking for a Fort Lauderdale based Social Media Marketing Agency?

Social Media Marketing is an important tool in growing your business.

Social Media Marketing for today’s business, “online or off line”, is a very important aspect of your marketing strategy and should be budgeted accordingly. The cost of undertaking Social Media Campaigns in the social media space can be relatively low in comparison to other marketing media, the detail that can be afforded when targeting clients or groups of people (Target Market) is very unique. Unlike the traditional marketing i.e Print, Radio or TV, Social Media can reach a global market and rolled out very quickly when needed.

The types of social media marketing services vary, but begin with creating a social media profile on existing platforms, these would include but not limited to: Facebook, Linkedin, Google Plus, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, Snapchat, Instagram etc. There are a wide range of platforms available but not all of them might be suited to your social media marketing campaign, we offer advice on the best platform for you, your products, your service and target demographic. It is important to take note of the content your are posting or sharing on social media, relevant and eye catching titles and graphics are attractive to perspective audiences. The key is to provide information but entertain and educate in the process. It is our job to guide and provide each client with a successful social media presence that is geared to promoting their brand.

One of the reasons “socializing” over the web has become so popular is because of the speed at which information can be shared with people in the market place, and in turn allows you to gather a response to your business or product. The use of Social Media Marketing helps to establish a far closer relationship with your potential clients and allows people to share the products and services that you may offer. Social Media can act as a delivery system and voice for your business to target a wide market, otherwise somewhat unreachable with other marketing tools.

As is the case with most forms of marketing there are a number of elements to be aware of, we advise all our clients and guide them through the process of developing a successful campaign. The goal is for social media to work for you, not hurt you. Customers, Users and Readers are highly influenced by online reviews. No matter what your industry is your online record should be “squeaky clean”, that way you build trust with the consumer and increase your ROI (Return On Investment). The ROI on a social media campaign can be calculated at the end of a period, by looking at the number and value of sales developed over said period, then dividing them back into the cost. This will help you determine the cost of acquisition and will also will help you budget accordingly for your next campaign. Social Media marketing Campaigns should ideally be undertaken hand in hand with with SEO and developing visuals that will drive to your target market.

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