Marketing to Fort Lauderdale – CRO

Turning Leads Into Results

In our last article we had a look at GAP Analysis, what it meant and and how we implement it for our clients, We touched on the process of collating sufficient data to see how much work lay ahead in getting a clients website to the illustrious and oh so illusive page one of Google.

Now we will take a look at the “CRO” or “Conversion Rate Optimization” for your Fort Lauderdale business website, what it means and how to configure it for the best results, we will not be covering all aspects of it, but just enough to provide some information to our readers and clients. We will mention one or two tools that we use in today’s best practices.

Conversion Rate Optimization relates to the optimization of the various landing pages on the sites to ensure that the maximum conversion of inbound leads is achieved. This is a practice which we consider to be very important when looking at any SEO review of a clients website.

This is best explained with means of an example. On your current website your stats are as follows, for every 10000 visitors you have, you have 800 enquiries of which you convert 200. This is your baseline.

If we test different landing pages using the current best practice techniques, for example, we split the email lead generation, email or social media campaign to two or more landing pages, we then monitor the results using analytics. Any page that breaks the baseline becomes the new landing page etc.

Now there are techniques and products to assist with this, products like Crazy Egg which show where your visitor is looking and tracking his movements, thus allowing you to optimize your page with current images, content and forms to absolutely maximize page revenue.

If the visits to your site were the same and your enquiries up at 2800, then converted to 1200 in leads due to the better “CRO”, your ratio is up 33%, and that adds quite a bit to the bottom line. In layman’s terms it is quite possible to double your turnover in a day by optimizing certain webpages.

We don’t need to tell you that these techniques are viable options to look at when investigating CRO as part of an SEO package.

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