Online Content Marketing. Part #4 – Good Intentions

4. Good Intentions – Make your content work for you, not against you.

In our previous three articles on online content marketing, we cover a number of different areas to consider when reviewing your content, and how you intend to use it to market to clients and business’s in your area. Ask yourself these questions…

Does your content matter to your audience? Is your content guided by your audience intent? What is your audience searching for? It is beneficial to be useful to your readers because once you are not, they have no use for you. That might sound harsh but as we explained in previous articles the relevance of your content is extremely important to the reader, if they can benefit from it they will continue to read it.

The SEO value of well written content cannot be understated at all. To SEO consultants, content allows them to focus clients activities across their sites. You can write all the content in the world, but at the end of the day if it is not useful to your readers then there will be no conversion in to results, and conversion is the only reliable test of success.

When online content is created, it’s purpose is to achieve certain goals, like establish brand authority; or serve as a helpful informational and educational resource for readers. The web content that you create is written for the overall purpose of promoting a product or service and educating the public about your brand. At Howzit Media Marketing when we create content for our clients we take into consideration their target market and location. It is important to “keep the locals happy” and create content that will encourage them and a wider audience to take notice of your company. We live and work in Fort Lauderdale, so in turn we market to our “backyard” and surrounding areas. Our content is beneficial and informative to the local businesses, but can also be adopted to target a larger market.

Regardless of what the underlying intentions are behind your thought process when creating content, it is likely to fall short of your ultimate goals if it does not elicit some form of response from whomever reads it. Sharing is caring, if your readers care about the content they are reading they will share it, this is a beneficial response.

Whether you are writing content that will be used to entice your audience into purchasing your product or service, creating engaging social media updates, or producing online content, you should strive to include consistent and compelling calls to action. You do this in order to help guide your audience through the stages of the engagement process and, ultimately, your business sales funnel successfully. Leaving these vital components out of your online content is like a buying a Ferrari but having no keys to drive it, sure it’s all flashy and looks cool but it’s useless. This leaves you unable to enjoy the fruits of your labor and an inability to power it through to its conclusion.

Look at the triggers that suit the demographic of your client base and write your content to suit them.

As you plan ahead in 2015-2016, consider now what kind of writing practice works for you, and then go forth and create compelling content.

Thanks for reading, we hope that the information in this 4 part series has been beneficial to you. If you would like to get in touch with us about marketing your company please feel free, we are always up for a good chat and love to help.

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