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Where does your website rank on Search Engines?

It’s great having a website but can your clients and future clients find you when they Google or Bing? SEO is a great tool used to get your website ranked on those search engines.

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What is SEO?

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the process of optimizing your websites content to increase your search engine rankings and the quantity and quality of traffic / visitors to your website.

Organic SEO - The Way to go!

There are many SEO consultants and agencies out there that will try to cheat the system in order to manipulate what the search engines see and therefore the results, hoping to influence their rankings. This is known as Black / Grey Hat SEO. We use only the industries best practices, and adhere to Google’s Webmaster Guidelines. We do not have to worry when Google does and algorithm change as it hardly effects our clients search results. This is generally known as White Hat or Organic SEO and we take pride in sticking to these honest methods and approach.

Technical SEO Long benefits

We specialize in the use of Organic Technical SEO when working on your website. Why you may ask? The goal is to ensure that the methods we apply to your site will ensure that there is an absolute minimal chance of receiving a manual penalty from search engines. After all you have invested time and money in your online presence, and the last thing we need is for it to drop off the rankings due to careless use of “SEO Java Scripts” and poor SEO techniques.

Organic SEO - Local Search

There are many techniques we use to ensure that your Organic SEO is configured correctly for Local Search. It is important that your online business profiles are set up correctly as a “local business”. Starting a Google Business account is also important including your precise “location / map data” making it that much easier for your customers and future customers to find you.

Key: Local content and references, names etc are all included in your website content.

Organic SEO - National Search

To ensure that you get national results, we keep doing what we’ve been doing, just on a larger scale, we regularly ensure that the content quality is consistent across all platforms.

Remember that all the work that is put into the SEO and content is to build your “Brand” and get more clients engaging with your business. High web traffic, millions of Twitter followers and large volumes of Facebook fans mean nothing if you don’t sell products or services over your website and other online platforms. It is important to secure a reputable SEO consulting agency to undertake and work alongside as your business partner, this is why we are transparent with our clients when it comes to our work process, so they understand how we get the results we do.

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