Website Maintenance

Keep your website safe, secure and up to date. 

Maintaining your websites content and security are very important for your sites health, but also for your Search Engine rankings and standings. A website that is out of date will load slowly, and is not secure will be blocked by search engines. 

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Why CMS Website Maintenance?

Wordpress Website Maintenance

CMS or ‘Content Management System’ websites are effective and manageable content delivery systems, but they also require constant maintenance.

It is IMPORTANT! to keep your website up to date, failure to do so could result in site malfuntion and compromise the security of your website and data. WordPress and plugin core updates are more stable and improve the function of your website.

We offer several WordPress website maintenance plans. Each plan is structured to cater for specific maintenance needs. To customize a plan please contact us and we will work with you to do so.

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Security is essential to keep your site safe and secure


Regular core updates of themes and plugins are essential


Databse Optimization is the clearing of unnecessary data


Backup your data regularly to ensure all your content is safe

Maintenance FAQ

Can I Maintain my own website?

Absolutely! We not only offer hassle free maintenance services but DIY Training that will give you the necessary skills and tools to maintain your website.


WHY do i need backups?

It is always important to backup your website and database files when making large changes or updating certain core WordPress files. Backups essentially give you that peace of mind that if anything does go wrong your information and content is safe and your website can be restored in little to no time. 

What is a Plugin?

Plugins are developed software that integrate with WordPress and contain functions that perform on your website. They are a content delivery and website feature tool that allows your website to operate seamlessly with the programming language. Plugins require maintenance when there is a version, feature or security update. If a plugin is out of date it could effect the function of your website and cause it to not load or crash.

What is Database Optimization?

Think of a WordPress database as like a filing cabinet that holds all your websites content and important information, well when that “filing cabinet” gets cluttered and full of unused files then it requires cleaning out and a little maintenance. Database optimization removes unnecessary files that occupy memory and sever space and repairs the database for the optimal function and speed of your website. 

Why A Monthly Subscription?

Website maintenance is an ongoing process and requires weekly if not monthly attention, therefore your monthly subscription will include our services in keeping your website up to date and secure. 

All plans are customizable to your needs and budget, as much as we would like to work with you for free we’ve got to keep the lights on.

Can I cancel my subscription?

Yes you can. You can cancel any subscription we offer in your client portal area.

Please be aware though, if you cancel your website maintenance subscription you will be solely responsible for your website and any updates or changes.