Online Content Marketing. Part #2 – SEO

Howzit Fort Lauderdale and all our readers! We are back again for Part 2 of our 4 part series on Online Content Marketing and in this case, we touch on SEO and when used properly can drive your content to your target market.

At Howzit Media Marketing we specialize in Online Marketing, White hat SEO and Organic SEO as well as Print and Media Marketing. We like to share whatever knowledge we can with our clients to help them understand how we are going to grow their customer base and promote their company.


Capture readers with a Tag Line

Starting from the beginning, your TAG LINE is the most important bit of content, the header is critical, this is where you captivate and entice your audience leading them to read more. You may ask, “What is a tag line?” It is that catchy sentence or wording that interests the reader.

It is important to remember when writing to an online audience that you cover the following – Who, What, Where, When and Why? These should all be covered in your content detail. It is also important to remember that Search engines need text or copy in order for the algorithms to ascertain what the semantics of your content are, “what we mean and where we are going with the content.”

2. SEO – The success is in the smallest of details.

When we talk in terms of SEO, Please, don’t ever lose sight of its unique power and the ultimate value it can provide to your overall content strategy. Keywords that are selected with care and research are a non negotiable when it comes to writing your online content. Do your research on trends, look at terms in the singular and plural as these can return dramatically different results in some cases.

Relevant keywords should not be used gratuitously throughout the content, but should be used frequently and in the context of the reader, this will bring people to the online content you have created.

There is a where and when to use keywords in the technical structure of writing the content to suit your audience, also, don’t forget that those keywords also become the tags to your stories, this is very important, we have clients who at various stages are found merely on the TAG’S!

We hope that this has given you a few pointers, still not sure? Give us a call, we would love to help you.